With the three opportunities of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the high-standard construction of Xiongan New Area and the preparation of 2022 Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics, the People’s Government of Hebei Province has been vigorously promoting integrated innovative development between industrial design and industrial upgrading since 2017. Therefore, Hebei International Industrial Design Week(HIDW) is hosted.

Taking the 1+N mode, Xiongan New Area is set as the main venue and several cities are jointly set as the sub-venues. With the theme of “Design's Construct of Pluriversality”, it focuses on intelligent design, green design, service design and other prospective direction and future development trend of industrial design. Focusing on Italian design concept, industrial design innovation exhibition, Xiongan Design Forum and international design product launch conference activities, it creates the brand support of Hebei international industrial design week. It further strengthenes foreign cooperation of design week, and introduces the third party excellent industrial design activities sponsored or undertaken by domestic and foreign design institutions to enrich the activities of design week. We will attract investment and business cooperation for the design week and explore its market-oriented operation mode.

A total of 352 exhibitors participated in the Industrial Design Innovation Exhibition in HIDW. They are overseas design institutions from Italy, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, and domestic exhibitors from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc.. On-site Activities, Online Exhibition Hall, the Live Streaming Room and other contents are carried out. With a total area of 6000 square meters, the on-site exhibition focuses on outstanding international design works, original products of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and mainland China, characteristic industrial design products of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, human-oriented design products of Italy, local representative enterprises and innovative products of Hebei. HIDW mini program and online 3D exhibition hall have comprehensive E-commerce functions of immersive online exhibition, online interactive communication and online ordering.

Hebei International Industrial Design Week sub-venue activities were organized by the municipal governments of Hebei Province. Combined with the design innovation tour, a series of activities were held such as design summit forums, design master lecture and matchmaking meetings. The design innovation tour links the main venue activities in the first 4 days of the design week and the subsequent branch venue activities. It organizes design agencies and organizations from Italy, Turkey, Britain, Germany, Sweden, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, etc. The designers visited the industrial clusters in various parts of Hebei, got a close understanding of the industrial advantages of our province, further expanded the influence of the design week, and conveyed our province's determination and confidence to develop industrial design and promote industrial transformation and upgrading to home and abroad.