Design Station Design Sleepless Night


Approximately 200 people including Goldreed Industrial Design Award 2021 designer representatives, business representatives, representatives of judging experts, government agencies, and media representatives are invited to attend the Design Station Sleepless Night and the 2021 Goldreed Industrial Design Award Ceremony to witness the birth of the various awards of the Goldreed Award. At the same time, in the form of a sharing cocktail party, a communication platform is built for the industry and within the industry. By gathering design forces from all over the world, we can talk about design in a relaxed, happy, open and free way. This will further enhance the international influence of the Goldreed Award and help Xiong'an New Area build the industrial positioning of "Global Design·Xiong'an Release".

19:00-20:30 on September 10

Public area of urban rail transit, Level-1, Xiong'an Station