Hebei International Industrial Design Week Opening Ceremony


The guests of the opening ceremony and keynote speech of HIDW 2022 include Zhang Guohua, the member of Hebei Provincial Standing Committee, the vice governor of the Hebei Provincial Government, the secretary of CPC Working Committee and the director of Administrative Committee of Xiongan New Area, Hu Qisheng, the vice governor of the Hebei Provincial Government, Tian Jinchang, the deputy secretary of the CPC Working Committee and vice director general of the Administrative Committee of the Xiongan New Area as well as the party secretary and President of China Xiongan Group, and Fu Zhenbo, the director of Industry and Information Technology Department of Hebei Province. Other attendees include Bai Yong, the fellow of Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences and the professor and PhD supervisor of Institute of Structural Engineering in the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Zhejiang University and Wang Yutian, the fellow of Academy of Science of the Royal Society of Canada, and the dean of Faculty of Life and Health Sciences (FLHS) in Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences (SIAT). David Kusuma, the president of the World Design Organization (WDO), Wim Geerts, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to China, and Matthew Jones, the curator of HIDW 2022 and the International Master of Creativity delivered speeches through videos. The four speakers, including Matthew Jones, Zhang Jie, the dean of the Department of Architecture & Urban Planning, Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, and professor and PhD supervisor of the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University as well as Bai Yong provided an immersive journey of design, shedding light on the prospects of design. 

10:00-11:35, Nov. 10

Multi-function Room B, 3F, Business and Service Convention Center Xiongan